Prad One Consulting Consortium is equipped to work with companies in both Private and Public sectors, optimizing their results by using a balanced financial structure. Debt and Equity are the essential tools that a company needs in order to effectively run all their operations successfully.

Privately Held Companies have a limited shareholder structure, therefore, the equity is mostly offered by promoters to select investors. Similarly, Debt Capital is raised through private lenders or institutional borrowings. Corporation, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Sole Proprietorship, and Non-Profit Organizations are all within Privately-Held Company structure.

Publicly Held Companies are listed on regional stock exchanges by using multiple methods to offer equity to the general public at various stages. The shares of the Publicly Held Companies have the option of being listed in other international Stock Exchanges. Debt capital follows a similar process in the credit market and also have the option to raise funds through Institutional Borrowings.